More F.A.Q.

What are Qi reactions?

Because Zhineng Qigong works effectively, participants generally achieve quick results.

1.     You can experience Qi reactions through cleansing the body

After an exercise period it’s possible that your body detoxifies. Reactions of the body might include diarrhoea, fever, nosebleeds, headaches etc.

2.     Qi reaches areas of the body where there is pain

If you have problems in your joints, for instance, it’s possible that this pain increases at the start of your exercise period. The Qi flows to that area, so that you feel the pain more intensely. Qigong masters say you should be happy this occurs because you can then be certain that the Qi has reached these places and that a healing process has been launched. It’s also possible that you feel pain in places where there was previously no pain. Old complaints can surface again and can be processed through practising Zhineng Qigong.

3.     Reactions among healthy people

By practising Zhineng Qigong, healthy people can improve their health levels. The reactions of the body are the same as mentioned under points 1 and 2. But a healthy body can respond more strongly to reach a higher health level.

Is there a demand for ZQ in the west?

Increasingly. People hurry on. They often eat miserably and too fast. They don’t always sleep well and move too little. So it’s no wonder that your energy housekeeping is not in order. With Zhineng Qigong you recharge your battery and achieve more balance.

Zhineng Qigong or Chi Neng Qigong?

Is there actually a difference between Zhineng Qigong and Chi Neng Qigong?

The answer is no. Zhineng and Chi Neng Qigong are the same.

There are currently two institutes in the Netherlands which teach this medical form of Qigong.The founder of this form and teacher Dr Pang Ming named this medical Qigong form Zhineng Qigong. Zhineng and Chi Neng Qigong are both based on the teachings of Dr Pang Ming with their associated exercises and theory. The Chi Neng Qigong institute decided to market Zhineng Qigong under a different protected name. The Zhineng Qigong institute retained the name as it is known in China. This form is also offered in America under the name Chi-lel.

The Zhineng Qigong institute offers its teacher training in collaboration with the Academy for Chinese Medicine- Qing-bai. The Chi Neng Qigong institute offers its teacher training in home.

Is Qigong the same as Chi Kung?

Yes, the difference is in the way it’s written. Qigong is used in the Pinyin system and Chi Kung in the Wade-Giles one.

Is Qigong the same as Tai Chi?

They are different. Tai Chi is a warriors’ art, while ZQ is focused on health and is a component of Traditional Chinese Healing. Tai Chi stems from Qigong.

What are the benefits of praticing ZQ?

Practising ZQ changes you mentally. You feel more at peace internally, but active and alert in daily life. You have less difficulty relieving your tensions and you are comfortable within yourself. ZQ enhances the concentration abilities and creativity, and you can focus better. ZQ has a very positive effect on mental and physical health, both preventively and in healing terms, and one of the most important aspects of ZQ is developing a sharp awareness.

A number of ZQ benefits:
Better sleep patterns
You feel more relaxed
It gives you greater strength
Better condition
You feel more vigorous and lively
You are more in equilibrium
Greater concentration abilities
You are more self-assured

How Can I learn ZQ?

Videos and books may serve as aids, but cannot replace the role of a ZQ teacher who has been trained to provide feedback and support if you want to progress further in practising ZQ.