Use common sense

Actually, we all know it very well ourselves. When we have good contact with our bodies and learn to read the signals getting better, we know exactly what is good for us and what does not feel. Body and mind are in harmony.

Close to nature remain in the choice of your diet in my opinion is the basis for a healthy diet. My basic principles of healthy eating:

Many plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pips, seeds and legumes
Animal foods in moderation
Power supply in non-refined state (flour, salt, sugar, oil)
As many indigenous and eat according to the seasons
Minimizing processed foods and ready-to-eat products
Above all, enjoy your food
Enjoy the food, I might find it the most important. When you eat, then eat with your full attention. Do not eat unconsciously while at the same time something else’re doing, eg. The computer. Make sure you chew well, do not eat too much and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Also, if for example, you try “unhealthy” eating, enjoy full breath and do not feel guilty.

Did you know?

The secret soup

The fibers and the water adding mass but no calories to, filling the stomach and provide longer for a satisfied feeling.


Tomatoes sheets are a very good source of lycopene, a substance that helps prevent skin cancer.

Eating before bed

No matter what time you eat something. What you eat late at night, while you sleep is consumed in the usual way, stored and consumed in the course of the night to a great extent. Whether the rest is also consumed depends on how much you move the next day and eat.